Apartment with electrical appliances in Kumamoto | 熊本市周辺の不動産をお探しなら株式会社ハウスレッシュにお任せ下さい。



Apartment with electrical appliances in Kumamoto

  We’d like to introduce reasonable apartment with home electrical appliances near Kumamoto University area.

This apartment is very popular with the people from overseas.



  Monthly rent: ¥30,000  It is including water fee.

Free internet connection

You can use Television, Refrigerator, Microwave oven, IH cooker, Lighting and Washing machine freely.

  The location is very convenient.

5minutes walk from the Kumamoto University, convenience store, Postal office and Bank.

There is a supermarket within walking distance.

  We have English and Chinese speaking staffs.

We also have some apartments which have home electrical appliances.

Please contact us below for more details.