We provide services in English and Chinese! | 熊本市周辺の不動産をお探しなら株式会社ハウスレッシュにお任せ下さい。



We provide services in English and Chinese!

 We have been helping to find apartments for many foreign people in English and Chinese

for more than twenty years. 


  They were from America, UK, France, Holland, Benin, South Africa, China, South Korea,

Mongolia, Nepal, Taiwan, Bhutan, India, Turkey, Syria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia,

Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and etc.


  We also have a partnership with rent guarantor service for foreigners who are difficult

to find their guarantor.  They provide their services with multiple languages.  


  Please contact us, and allow us to help you find your desired apartment in Kumamoto.  


  Email: info@houseresh.com     phone: 096-366-9020