We manage rent guarantor service for foreigners | 熊本市周辺の不動産をお探しなら株式会社ハウスレッシュにお任せ下さい。



We manage rent guarantor service for foreigners

  To rent a room here in Japan, a Japanese guarantor is generally required.  But sometimes it is

difficult to find a suitable person for foreigners.  To solve this problem, we cooperate with the

guarantor company.   They will be your guarantor and provide services with multiple languages. 


When you apply the service,

Fill out "Guarantor Service Application Form" and submitt it with few documents below.

    1.  Residence card front and back

    2. Student → Student ID card front and back

        Employed person → withholding tax statement, health insurance card, etc.

    3.Passport face photo page 


They require two emergency contacts.

  1.One of the parents in your home country

    2.Domestic emergency contact


Please contact us below for more details.