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 We at Houseresh have been helping to find apartments for foreign students from many countries for 20 years or more. We also have been managing Real Estate Company in Beijing, China since 1999 as a related company.
 We have helped many students from China, India, Turkey, Syria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, and many other countries. Of course, we can provide services in English and Chinese.
 Please contact us, and allow us to help you find your desired apartment in Kumamoto.

Step to Obtaining Housing.

1. Inquiry
First, suggest the request for your new apartment to Houseresh (floor plan, facilities, budget, etc.) We will search the apartment which meets your request.

2. Viewing apartments
After choosing few apartments to view, we will take you to see these apartments. When we take you to the apartments, we will check the environments with you. ( Distance from your work place, school, stores, and other facilities.)

3. Filling out an application
After choosing an apartment which meets your request, we will explain the important matter of the contract. (penalty fee, contract renewal and etc.) You will agree to them, fill out the application form and submit the copy of passport or ID card.

4. Tenancy examination
Landlord and management company of the apartment will conduct tenancy examination based on the information you provide in your application. During the examination, they will call you and your guarantor to confirm the will to rent the apartment.

5. Signing the contract
After the examination and receiving the confirmation from the landlord, you will sign the contract. At the same time, you have to pay the initial fee for the contract.

6. Moving in
On the day the contract start, you will receive a key of your new place, start moving in! Houseresh will help you to set up utilities.


Our service for foreign tenants

We offer following service in English and Chinese.

*Before moving in
・ Finding an apartment
・ Making a contract form
・ Setting up utilities (Gas, Electricity)

*During your stay
・ Interpreting the bill from the utility company
・ Providing advice or assistance in case of any trouble
・ Helping to renew contract

*When moving out
・ Overseeing room inspection when moving out
・ Explaining the contents of forms of moving out
・ Cancellation utilities